We help your child, redo the baby steps first....

By helping them enter into the world of OLYMPIAD exams at an early age by conceptual learning. We strongly believe in Structured learning with Fun and develop logical thinking as early as 5 years.


Curiosity is precious.

We understand kids strengths and weakness, help the child with the right tools and guidance. Here at Advithya, we invoke curiosity in the child; which enables them to grasp at a faster pace. We make them drive themselves towards a better future.

What we do?

With our online OLYMPIAD courses, we motivate, train to prepare themselves to face the real world with confidence.


Our Proven Methodology

We cover the concepts well ahead of times, which encourages the kids lots of mock exams 

which are competitive than regular exams. 

How OLYMPIAD helps?

Olympiad exams conducted by various organisations provide competitive platform across the world and early exposure for developing profound level of understanding of concepts and approach the problems with analytical thinking.